About ME

Hi! I’m Jenny the maker behind Stony Point Pottery.  Working with my hands has always been something I loved from a very young age. My mom taught me to sew and cross stitch when I was around 10 years old and I was hooked. I was never the type to follow pattern instructions I would just eye ball it most of the time and if it didn't work out I'd try again.
As a young mom in my 20's I loved sewing outfits for my kids. Before long, friends and family were wanting to buy my creations to give as baby gifts. I realized I could be a stay at home mom and make a little money on the side. I started selling my creations at local boutiques and eventually opened up a consignment shop in our hometown.

Fast forward 6 years, both my kids were going to school full time. I was still sewing but never felt that passionate about it. It wasn't until I started collecting handmade pottery in my 30's when I realized this might be something that I wanted to learn. These handmade mugs bring me so much joy everyday and I wanted to be able to create the same experience for others through my work.

Thanks to my partner Jonny for encouraging me to “just get started”.  So, the first thing I did was go to my local ceramic shop! The sales clerk recommended I take a class but I was just too excited to get my hands in some clay. I ended up purchasing a bag of clay and a beginners tool set. With the help of You Tube videos I started building bowls and mugs out of rolled out slabs of clay and became obsessed!  I eventually I found a used pottery wheel off craigslist and drove about 45 min. to pick it up. The sweet couple I bought it from were kind enough to give me my very first throwing lesson and I haven’t stopped since!

Thank you for loving my art as much as I LOVE creating it for you!
Thank you from the bottom of my ❤️